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Gerard Verhoeven

ĎIíve achieved everything I wanted to achieve in life. Iíve got a wonderful family, Iím pleased with what Iíve done on the family history, and it was always my ambition to have a big model railway layout just like this.í Gerry Verhoeven - 8/11/06.

Gerard Hendrik Verhoeven ("Gerry") died on December 13, 2006. A larger than life figure, Gerry was a loving husband, father and grandfather, a keen genealogist and a lifelong rail enthusiast. He was proud of his Dutch heritage and his adopted Australian home. He got great satisfaction from all his model railway layouts, but most especially from the last one he built during his retirement years at his home in Canberra, Australia, when he really had time to enjoy it. Gerry was still reading and writing avidly, working on his layout and building new model trains until a few days before he died. His website with reminiscences about his life in The Netherlands, Indonesia and Australia continues to be maintained by his family in his memory. We welcome contact at christine (at)

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Indonesia 1925 - 1940
Netherlands 1940 - 1955
Australia 1955 - 1970

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